The Swiss Navion Club

Non-profit association for the preservation and maintenance of the 1946 North American Navion.

A rare, historical and exceptional aircraft. Heir of the famous P-51 Mustang, it is the only one in Switzerland in its original condition.

At the end of World War II, the boom of general aviation occurred thanks to technological advances. North American Aviation announced a great change by creating the Navion. The aircraft was spacious and powerful, and its aluminum semi-monocoque construction was very resistant. It has a low wing and a retractable tricycle gear. It also has 4 seats and a baggage compartment, a variable pitch propeller, dual controls. It is easy to fly, safe and affordable.

A new era begins for general aviation!

1946 North American Navion

Our Mission & Vision

To restore, maintain and preserve this unique aeronautical heritage in Switzerland.

Our objectives

To raise CHF 150,000 to restore the Navion and get it back in the air in 2022.

Take part in this incredible adventure!

Join the club and fly with us in an authentic American warbird!

Our environmental values

Flying to raise ecological awareness, to educate: From the air, the fragility and beauty of nature and our landscapes are revealed.


The Navion is made entirely of recyclable materials (aluminium, steel) unlike current aircraft. The latter are built with non-recyclable materials, such as carbon fiber, resins or plastic, etc…

Sustainable: An aircraft that lasts beyond the years?

Although this aircraft is from 1946, it is still in perfect condition to fly. As long as mechanics retain the knowledge and know-how to repair and rebuild it, the Navion will endure over time with minimal impact on our environment.


The history of the Navion HB-ESB is above all, 40 years of unforgettable sharing between father and son. Since I was a child, my father, Claude Senehi, introduced me to the pleasure of flying and passed on to me his passion for old aircraft.

I spent my childhood flying and dreaming of Spitfires and Mustangs. I didn’t realise how lucky I was to fly regularly in an aircraft of this class…

When my dad passed away in 2019, I realised with dread that I would no longer be flying with him in the Navion. I decided to get my pilot’s license and to restore the Navion.

« Before I could walk, I was flying! « – Christophe Senehi

Video presentation

Discover the fabulous history of this plane

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Canal Alpha of the 29th of November 2021

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For several months, the dismantling and restoration work has been progressing well. An engine was...


Donations and counterparties - Help us restore the Navion to airworthy condition

Contribution of 60 CHF or more
Club membership, required for access to Navion flights

Contribution of 25 CHF
One high resolution photo to download

Contribution of 50 CHF
One A4 poster photo

Contribution of 90 CHF
Club membership and a Navion t-shirt of your choice

Contribution of 100 CHF
Club membership and a visit of the plane in the hangar followed by a mini aperitif

Contribution of 200 CHF
Club membership and a visit of the plane in the hangar + a picture in front of the plane taken by a professional photographer

Contribution of 250 CHF
Club membership and 1 flight of 30 minutes in the Navion (for a maximum of 2 persons).

Contribution of 500 CHF
Club membership and 1 flight of 60 minutes in the Navion (for a maximum of 2 persons) or the wooden model of the Navion

Contribution of 750 CHF
Club membership and 1 flight of 1 hour and 30 minutes in the Alps in the Navion (for a maximum of 2 persons).

Contribution of 800 CHF
Club membership and 1 flight of 60 minutes in the Navion (for a maximum of 3 persons).

Contribution of 2000 CHF
Club membership and 5 flights of 60 minutes in the Navion (for a maximum of 2 persons).

Contribution of 10’000 CHF and more
Become a sponsor by displaying your brand on the plane.
Duration, size and dimensions to be defined, production costs at your charge

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* Flights will depart from the airports of Neuchâtel or Lausanne.
Some exclusive items available in return for your donation
Some exclusive items available in return for your donation

I had the chance and the pleasure to fly with Claude. That day and my encounter with this Navion still remain in my memories.

Impressed by the avionics of the cockpit, and especially when he asked me to take the stick over the mountains of Neuchâtel. Wow!

I am delighted to contribute to the preservation of this exceptional and collectible aircraft and by the same token of beautiful memories! I hope that this will allow other people to experience this!

Riadh Hadj-Azzame

This plane is a Cadillac of the air, so spacious and round like the cars of the 50’s.

Exceptional flight that I will never forget, especially the flight over the hollow of the wind!

Loris Curtet
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