For several months, the dismantling and restoration work has been progressing well. An engine was found in the USA and was sent to a workshop in Florida for refurbishment.

The following activities have been completed:

Complete disassembly of the engine for parts recovery
Partial painting of the wings
Sandblasting and painting of the landing gear
Revision and reassembly of the ailerons
Preparation of the wheels for painting
Dismantling of the brakes
Renovation of the empennages
Preparation of the fuselage for painting the interior floor and the engine wall
All the cables which connect the control surfaces to the controls of the aircraft will be replaced. The hydraulic system will be tested before reassembly.

Once the painting work is finished, the reassembly of the wings and the landing gears can start. We hope to receive the engine from the USA in 6 months.

Thanks to Vincent Seguin from Highway18 for his work and his passion, to the volunteers, families, friends, donors and members of the association for their support.

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