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45 years separate these 2 pictures

As a child, I used to fly regularly in my father’s plane.

Two years ago, when my father died, I said to myself: What’s the point of having a plane if I can’t fly it?

I started to dream every night of flying … flying in the clouds … the mountains …

I realize that I won’t fly with him anymore. From up there, I have the feeling that my dad wants to send me a message. So much so, that I couldn’t sleep anymore.

1 year and 6 months later, here I am with an airplane pilot’s license!

My project is now starting to get very exciting and I can’t wait to reveal the next part of my aeronautical adventures in a few days!

I am looking forward to introducing you to this incredible and storied aircraft.

The most exciting part is that you will be able to contribute and participate in this incredible aeronautical adventure!

Who’s up for it?

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